(dis)comfort zones: Underrepresentation and Invisibility in the Institution

Seeking artists for- (dis)comfort zones an Art Exhibition and Symposium at Carroll University, running from 15 January - 13 February, 2019




The contemporary art world has begun to open up its tightly curated borders to marginalized and non-normative voices, supposedly. Even as they begin to take risks, the front facing façade of the museums and galleries hide the actual politics of those who fund and run the institutions. These barriers still exist and continue to marginalize voices and bodies on the large scale, even at those institutions which boast a liberal or progressive creed. The question then becomes how does one access these narratives when institutions do not foster dialogues or provide resources outside of a predetermined western canon?  When one actually looks at what is being done on a larger scale, it is easy to see through the tokenizing efforts of the art world. This tokenization is in direct opposition to the kind of empathetic spaces that need to be opened up in order to combat performative diversity. 


In response to this violence of pedagogy and the ineffective discourses it creates, (dis)comfort zones seeks to provide a platform for students and faculty at Carroll University to foster new dialogues. The artworks engender alternative conversations which is extrapolated on in a symposium and an Exhibition Information Guide. (dis)comfort zones seeks to highlight artists currently working in North America who navigate and articulate issues which expand dialogues such as identity, colonialism, and oppression. These artists would rather complicate our conversations then simplify to make palatable.





1. 5-10 images (jpegs) or video links (or a combination of both) titled with name of piece, dimensions, date, and medium(s)*

2. A statement  expressing how they navigate themes relevent to the exhibtion in their practice. 

3. CV/Resume 

4. Website link, online portfolio or IG if applicable 


All applicants will be notified no later than September 15 2018


ALL APPLICATIONS BE SUMBITTED AND SENT TO - discomfortzones0@gmail.com


Jonathan Korotko is the curater of this exhibation, any questions or thoughts may be directed to him at jkorot@artic.edu


*Please send images attached directly into the email, no third party attachmnts (Google drive, Wetrasnfer etc).

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Saturday, September 1, 2018
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Jonathan Korotko
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(262) 853-6971
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